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Terms and conditions

Schedule to be decided by mutual agreement according to possibilities :

Our prices are exclusive of taxes and are valid for 1 month, subject to regulatory approvals:

  • The dimensions are: length x width x height x weight

  • The centres of gravity are supposed to be located halfway along the length and the width and at half height

  • At the time of loading, packages can be rotated 1/4 of a turn to optimise the load plan (length becomes width)

  • A technical plan is necessary to validate the technical solution and the price quotation

  • Unobstructed and unimpeded access on hard ground for our vehicles

  • We shall not be liable for delays due to

    • the late arrival of the police escorts

    • the restrictions imposed by the police

    • adverse weather conditions

    • accidents

    • mechanical breakdowns

  • Period of notice to be decided by mutual agreement according to the authorisations to apply for and schedule availability

  • In accordance with article 12 of the Terms and Conditions of carriage, our company has the right of lien as well as the right to be reimbursed the expenses which it incurred on exercising this right of lien. The right of lien is extended to debts unrelated to the retained goods.





  • CMR insurance

  • Depending on the dimensions, we have permanent authorisations or must request special permissions. The time needed to obtain those special permissions is determined by the Administration

  • Authorisation fees and lead car(s)

  • Private motorcycle lead escort if the width exceeds 5 metres (for France)

  • Stowage

  • 2 hours loading time and 2 hours unloading time

  • 1 hour waiting time each for export and import customs



Not included :

  • All risks insurance

  • Our liability limit is 2 SDRs/KG for multimodal transport

  • Levelling (cradle, wood supports...) charged to the sender

  • Tarpaulin

    • a tarp is not a packaging

    • the loader is required to make necessary arrangements to avoid dirt and damp

    • the loader is required to protect sharp and pointed element

  • On-site familiarisation visit, measurements, drafting of the Individual Safety and Health Protection Plan...

  • Customs clearance and customs duties

  • Additional police costs in some cases

  • Private motorcycle lead escort if the Administration requires it for a width between 4.5 and 5 metres (for France)

  • Extra hours

    • truck: between €70 and € 170 an hour

    • lead car: between €35 and € 65 depending on the country

  • Weekend fees for transport with a travelling time that does not exceed 5 days

  • Costs of the study of engineering structures (supporting receipts + 7.5%)

  • Costs of obstacle removal (supporting receipts + 7.5%)

  • Rescheduling and cancellation penalties representing the loss suffered

  • In the case of road/waterway combined transport:

    • Unobstructed and unimpeded navigation

    • In compliance with the laws which are applicable in each country on the route, and which deal with river chartering for all national transport

    • Possible boat demurrage charges if time limits are exceeded

    • Possible costs in case of low or high water

    • Possible unemployment costs in case of waterway freeze-up

    • Port charges


Used vehicles for delivery at the port of Antwerp :

Acceptance criteria that used vehicles have to meet :

  • vehicles must be clean and in a roadworthy condition

  • hood, trunk lid and doors must be present. The two front doors, that is the driver door and the front passenger door, have to be in working order and be capable of being opened manually

  • vehicles must not leak (e.g. fuel, oil, battery fluid, coolant)

  • driver's seat must be present and, along with the front passenger seat (or its intend place if it is not present), must be totally uncluttered

  • vehicles should not show signs that they have been cut into pieces and then welded together again

  • vehicles should not show any visible signs that their structure has been damaged (e.g. reinforcement bars or belts)

  • vehicles must not show any signs of major fire, structural damage such as sagging chassis plates, substantial damage to the bodywork, missing tyres, loose parts...

  • a cleaning and gas free certificate must accompany each tanker truck

  • all 3.5 ton+ basic units (trucks, buses, tractors, road construction machinery, 'big van' type vans and closed trucks) must be SELF-PROPELLED and able to drive into the terminal and move around under their own power

  • in the event of a problem with a unit loaded on another vehicle or a trailer, the entire combination will be rejected until the problem with the unit has been resolved

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