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Although our mainly focus is the transport of heavy or bulky goods, G BELIN also handles various freight transport. To that end, we use our road vehicles fleet, but also, when appropriate, other modes of transport (e.g. waterways).


The Belin fleet is composed of 3 8x4 tractor units, 3 6x4 tractor units, 12 6x2 tractor units, 5 4x2 tractor units and 1 semi-trailer truck.
With that we can meet the needs of our customers with the right equipment at the right time.

In addition to our transport operations, we are often called upon to load, unload and install various machineries or goods. Indeed, we regularly install complete lines of machines.



Handling is also our business. We can deploy our handling teams in Belgium and in France, for the transfer or the implementation of machinery, the relocation of a factory...


This new facet of our activities helps us to meet the growing customer demand for a comprehensive service. G. BELIN has acquired substantial resources to ensure flawless service: large concrete storage yard, covered and guarded areas, high-capacity bridge cranes and other approved lifting gear.

We offer storage options with our secure facilities: 1500 m² warehouse, 40-ton bridge cranes.


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